There Are Two different Ways To Start A Cannabis Garden

This might be a strange introduction coming from a a seed specialist – but for most gardeners, it is faster and easier to work with clones than seeds. Just think of your home garden. You are much more likely to start with young plants rather than seeds. Although cloned plants and plants grown from seeds are not identical in quality, however if you focus on the time factor, priorities tend to shift. In countries where cannabis and or CBD is legal and the clone companies can produce disease-free clones – start with them. However reality learns that the availability of quality clones is not widespread….

Advantages Of Seeds

Looking for maximum quality? Grow from seeds! Plants from seeds grow a better tap-root than clones. The taproot is the equivalent of the main stem. It grows straight down with lateral branches growing along its length. A deep tap-root reaches the water table or moist soil at lower levels. Seeds are always free from disease and pests, whereas clones can transfer both pests and disease. Seeds are very portable and easy to store for long periods of time. 

Growing from seed is also more adventurous, because you are not sure exactly how the plants will turn out. Seeds are the product of sexual reproduction so they inherit genetic characteristics from both parents. These variations are often in your favor, so you can choose the best plants or the one you like the most – for any future growing plans you might have or develop. 

Disadvantages Of Seeds

Germinating seeds is a more delicate operation than transplanting clones. Seeds take longer to grow and be ready to flower because rooted clones are already biologically mature and have a head start on root development.  

Advantages Of Clones

Clones are taken from female plants so they are automatically female plants. There are no males or hermaphrodites to mess with the buds. Clones get you past the germination “hump” that seeds present. Seeds take several weeks to catch up to a rooted plants. Clones are unfortunately only available commercially in some countries that have modern medical marijuana laws – however even then – the quality is often not something you want to spend all that money, time and effort on.  

Disadvantages Of Clones

Clones do not grow as vigorously as seed grown plants, especially out-doors, because clones do not grow a taproot. They only grow secondary roots from the stem and subsequently most of their growth is lateral rather than downward. The main advantage of having a taproot is the ability to dig deep into the ground and reach water not available closer to the surface. The taproot grows lateral branches along its entire length providing the plant with a network of roots that occupies a larger three-dimensional area. The result is that there are more roots in several layers of soil so they can obtain more water and nutrients to support the plant’s growth. This doesn’t affect plants grown inside as much because the plants don’t grow as large and the taproot isn’t as important in a container environment.

The taproot on plants grown from seed is an extension of the stem so it anchors the plant and holds the canopy securely. Clone plants have a single layer of lateral roots. The stem ends close to the soil line, where it was cut. This doesn’t provide as much support as a plant with a taproot. Outdoors, or indoors with older plants, one or two lateral roots may become dominant and develop into short tap roots that help to anchor the plant and also produce lateral roots. Their connection to the stem is reinforced from layers of growth.