Why Autoflowering Strains Became So Popular

In the past decade, autoflowering cannabis strains have become hugely popular in Europe, especially in countries with milder climates. What caused the widespread adoption, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of these “automatic” strains? Autoflowering cannabis strains differ from regular strains in one essential feature: They start to flower only weeks after germinating from seeds. Unlike regular outdoor-grown strains, which mature between September and October, autoflowering plants do not depend on light intervals and thus allow for early harvests as well as multiple harvests within one season.

How was this breakthrough made possible?

In the early nineties, Dutch breeders from the renowned Sensi Seeds seedbank were playing with the idea of combining genes from potent Cannabis sativa strains with the more rugged Cannabis ruderalis, but they failed to recognize the full potential. Their Ruderalis Indica and Ruderalis Skunk were the very first commercial autoflowering strains. Neither of the strains was ever stabilized — meaning about half the seeds failed to autoflower — and growers didn’t pay either much attention.

Things changed in 2002 with the Lowryder strain, bred by The Joint Doctor, a breeder currently based in the United Kingdom. Lowryder was the first stabilized, autoflowering strain that was commercially successful. At the same time, it drew laughs from regular consumers and experienced growers alike; the odor was feeble, the taste was poor, and the effects were mild. Still, a number of cannabis enthusiasts in Central European countries with a milder climate, such as Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, were impressed by the possibility of growing a stabilized strain that could be ready for harvest between June and August.

Growth in popularity was slow and steady at first. 

Most growers, however, remained skeptical. They predicted that disappointed gardeners would swiftly return to good old sativa, indica, and hybrid strains that flower according to light intervals and tend to mature between September and late October. The yields and quality of the cannabis, they argued, were incomparable. As the years went by, two things began to change.

**First, more and more Dutch (and, later, also Spanish) seed banks started to experiment with the autoflower genetics. Along the way, the aroma, taste, and, most significantly, the effects of newly produced autoflowering strains began to improve. Eventually they began to approach the quality of the best traditional strains.

**The second change came courtesy of Mother Nature: The changing climate brought dynamic autumns with plenty of rain and humidity, especially to central and northern Europe. Suddenly, even relatively early flowering strains were going moldy in the middle of September. There are now tens of thousands of European growers sharing stories of similarly successful experiences with autoflowers. Especially outdoors. 

Auto-flowering cannabis seeds are safe!

Everyone’s so worried about genetically modified this and genetically modified that these days but we can safely and confidently say that even though we’re offering some pretty fantastic hybrid strains, our marijuana seeds are organic, and not in the least bit genetically modified. What you see is what you get – superior quality cannabis seeds for superior quality strains. Our expert breeders employ tried and true techniques to enhance your favorite strains with the auto-flowering capabilities of the ruderalis variety – same great results but with less work. And faster!

Autoflower seeds and light

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that autoflowering cannabis seeds don’t need plenty of TLC when it comes to lighting. They may take care of switching to flowering, but their general lighting requirements are no different. If you want to produce results to be proud of, you are going to need the highest-quality lighting possible. Intense, consistent lighting to meet the needs of your cannabis plants, though without the need to control light/dark cycles. Many newcomers mistake autoflowering for a lack of reliance on quality lighting. In reality, this isn’t the case at all!

Buying the best autoflowering seeds

If you’re ready to go ahead and buy autoflower seeds, you have come to the right place. All Super Strain’s autoflowering cannabis seeds are feminized. 

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