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Amnesia collectie


Superstrains – The Amnesia collection

Are you also such a big fan of the world famous Amnesia?
Then this collection is the chance to get acquainted with the rest of the family.

Because the Amnesia collection of course consists of the Amnesia, but also contains Enemy of the state (mother of Amnesia) and Next of Kin (contains even more Sativa genes than her famous sister)

The Amnesia collection consists of 3 different seeds:
1x Amnesia
1x Enemy of the state
1x Next of Kin

This is why we can call ourselves ‘ Home of the Amnesia ‘.


Algemene voorwaarden

These seeds are only offered as souvenirs or for collection.

Deze zaden zijn niet voor illegale praktijken bedoeld.
Cannabis seeds must not be germinated in most countries in Europe.

We do not sell to persons under the age of 18, when you visit this website you
must perform an age check, it is the responsibility of the visitor
to use it truthfully.

The producer and seller of these seeds do not accept responsibility
for what others do with these collectables.

We advise the buyer to inform himself at all times of the legislation in the country of purchase.
It is the BUYER ‘s responsibility to review the legal provisions regarding purchasing,
importing and customs regulations before placing an order.

Our general delivery conditions apply to all our deliveries.
All information and images shown on this website are for illustration purposes only.

We do not want to promote large scale, you can buy a maximum of 10 seeds per order.

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