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  • Agartha

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    The Agartha strain is the result of a breeding program looking to get a Haze plant with high CBD levels. It grows bushy with strong branches to support the buds. Flowers tend to be big and fluffy with an average yield of around 450g/m2. Assistance in stress relief and a feeling of calm and serenity are just some of the benefits that CBD users are looking for. The taste is a classic Haze flavor with a combination of cedar wood spice, citrus sweet and a touch of musk. CBD enthusiasts will be well versed in the magical capabilities of this powerful cannabinoid.

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  • Eden

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    A new CBD strain with a high percentage of CBD. Finds most of its origin in Switzerland, mixed with Dutch indica genetics. People with various pain find relief with this variety used as infusion. In this form the effect comes in later having a longer duration. Very effective for the night.
    Blooming time indoors lasts up to 60 days. Harvest outdoors late September, beginning of October. This variety is not a fast grower, so it is advisable to plant the seeds early June when grows outdoors. She has a pleasant darkish odour with mint like back tones which come forward a bit in dry flowers.

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  • Saga

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    Saga is a new CBD strain which contains very little amounts of THC, under 1%. This means it doesn’t make you high, no psychoactive effect at all. It is preferred by medicinal users that have an active working life and can dose CBD at any time of the day without any psychoactive effect. with an awesome sativa flavor that makes smoking a sensuous experience. Up to 21% of therapeutically valuable CBD makes the strain a good choice if you need help treating depression, eating disorders, ADHD, and many other health conditions.

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