7th Wave – Feminized

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7th Wave is an Afghan Indica with a difference

Supposedly ocean waves travel in groups of seven, with the 7th being the biggest. You get it: 7th Wave by Super Strains will get you the highest! 7th Wave by Super Strains has become one our best selling seeds; this strain has a lot of old school qualities alongside a hint of something that makes it absolutely unique. For an Indica-based plant she gets you high instead of stoned. One of these tricks only Super Strains seems to pull off. The relative ease and quality of this product will appeal to novice and veteran growers alike. 7th Wave is a hardy and robust Afghani indica strain which thrives both indoors and outdoors. Despite being easy to grow – the plant’s quality will interest even the most experienced connoisseur horticulturist. Short-ish flowering times, good yields and a unique high make this a most captivating cannabis variety.

7th Wave – Feminized
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