7th Wave – Feminized

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7th Wave is an Afghan Indica with a difference

When Sting declared in one of his masterpieces “Love is the Seventh Wave,” he was clearly baked on that 7th Wave, one of Super Strain’s most famous indica-dominant strains. This cultivar provides its consumers with 15-20% THC and carries you away on smooth waves of pleasure, washing away any worries built-up during the day. 7th Wave produces a unique high that will tantalize and keep you coming back for more; it is different to any other out there – truly one of a kind. 7th Wave by Super Strains is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, but it excels above all in an outdoor environment, the hardiness of this strain will make it a great addition to any garden. It’s extremely easy to grow thanks to its unusual sativa characteristics, which allow it to put up with high humidity which could cause fungi or rot in other plants.