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Unsure which strain you want to grow?

Let Super Strains make the choices even easier with our Collection packs. As you dive into our Collection portfolio, you’ll discover ample THC levels, great yield potential, famous genetics and eye-popping flavors. A unique set of strain combinations that showcases the very best bunker-bustering genetics in our portfolio – all offered in a well-priced bundle. 

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Sativa Collection – Feminized



The cannabis community is already an enormous place and this worldwide shared interest means there are innovative new breeders developing mind-blowing and delectable new strains all the time. We love it, we really do – but it can be a hard place to navigate for consumers. Most times, you don’t need a million seeds to choose from. There’s no denying that too many options can cloud your judgment and far too many of you end up picking the wrong strain – for your skill level, your location or your desired customers. Without more experience it is best to stay with proven and popular favorites. With this in mind, we created our 3-pack collection series.

To be fair – so far you have done very well! Super Strains isn’t to be compared with popular seedbanks; our portfolio of 20-25 seedstrains are world famous and 100% exclusive to us. You have reached the source of some of the most succesful strains and genetics on planet earth!


Instead of purchasing seeds of a single cannabis strain, collection packs contain a variety of similar, but different strains. When you want to mix things up in the garden, mixed cannabis seed packs are the way to go. Aside from the sheer diversity that our collection packs contain, they also provide outstanding value for money. So whatever your ‘flavor,’ our collection series has something for all. 


More than a dozen Amsterdam Cannabis Cup wins and counting. The crosses and breeding of varieties over 30+ years and neverending efforts to combine the best properties looking at growth, bloom, taste, effect, resistance – has provide us with our own and unique portfolio of strains and our world famous quality. Home of the Amnesia strain!

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