Frequently Asked Questions

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Very simple, Cannabis seeds are legal In the Netherlands (if not used for Crimininele activities)

The law here is clear: In List 2 of the opium, hemp is specifically mentioned: With the exception of the seeds.
Opium applicable from 01-08-2016 – see page 7 of this PDF file (link)

However, each country has its own legislation on cannabis seeds, it is therefore Buyer’s responsibility In order to thoroughly inform themselves of local legislation and not to violate these legal rules.

We sell these seeds only as collector’s item, to persons over 18 years of age and cannot take responsibility from what buyers then do with these seeds. Buyers are at all times responsible for their actions and deeds.

If we have the impression that our seeds are used for illegal activities we will not accept your order.
We do not want to facilitate criminal activities and therefore we can order up to 25 seeds per order.

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