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For connoisseurs of cannabis seeds, we offer premium quality cannabis seed strains. We are passionate about cannabis and have around 30+ years of experience in cannabis cultivation. As a result, we have seeds with the best genetic. Our seed portfolio includes 20+ seed varieties that are world exclusive to us. Be it exquisite old-school strain or popular mixed hybrids; we have a wide range of seeds that suit every palate. We have won a dozen cannabis cups and have also won in categories for Best Indica, Best Sativa, and Best Overall. In fact, many of our strains have dominated the High Life Cup over the past 20 years. At Super Strains, we aim to deliver only superior quality and healthy cannabis seeds.

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Best Deals for Professional Farmers and Retailers

We have an amazing range of marijuana seeds for sale, from auto-flowering strains to feminized or high CBD varieties. For people who are new to the cultivation of marijuana seed strains or are experienced growers, or even if you are a retailer, your search for superior quality cannabis strain ends here. We are amongst the best seed shops where you will find the highest quality cannabis seeds on the market. We also have fantastic offers for retailers and professional farmers looking for seeds with the best genetics.

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