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Not Sure which Cannabis Strain you want to grow?

The sheer variety of marijuana seeds is overwhelming and makes it hard to decide which one to grow. That's why Super Strains has orchestrated our collection packs, where you will find a mix of best-in-class strains. Our collection packs include feminized Amnesia seed collection, super Autoflower seeds collection, CBD seeds collection pack.

With our Collection packs, we make choices easier. Our portfolio includes seeds with famous genetics, world-exclusive seeds, high THC level, excellent yield potential and eye-popping flavors. In addition, our Collection pack offers a set of strains that showcase the very best bunker-buster genetics at a well-priced bundle.

What Are Collection Packs?

Choosing one right cannabis strain can be tricky, so our Collection packs contain various similar yet different strains of marijuana seeds. Apart from the diversity of seeds, our Collection pack provides outstanding value for money. So, whatever flavor you are looking for, our Collections pack offers something for all. Our Collection packs include Indica, Sativa, autoflowering, feminized, amnesia and hybrid varieties. You can easily mix the seeds and develop mind-blowing and delectable new strains with our Collections pack.

The Super Strains Collection Packs

With our Collection pack, discover some of the world's most famous strains. At times picking up the right cannabis seeds as per your skillset, location, and your customer's desires can be tricky and overwhelming, especially when so many variants are available. With this in mind, We at Super Strains have created 3-pack collection series.

Our strains are winners of many Cannabis Cups. At Super Strains, we have over thirty years of experience in crossing and breeding varieties to get the best in terms of growth, bloom, taste, effect and resistance. We have a unique portfolio of 20-25 strains that are famous and world exclusive to us. We are the home of the Amnesia strain.

Our Collections packs are perfect for those looking for more than one variety of cannabis seeds. Shop our Collection Packs now.