selling original streetwear and 4:20 gifts

Super Strains is a also a producer and supplier of streetwear, smoking accessories and 4:20 merchandise. Super Strains provides shoppers an evergrowing range of unique lifestyle products which can be found in a growing number of headshop, urban culture stores throughout Europe. Offering exclusive productsand original designs inspired by cannabis culture.

A growing collection of unique and original cannabis culture

Over the last few years, streetwear and the 420 lifestyle has slowly started to infiltrated mainstream markets. What used to be a niche community has blossomed into a category that’s even been adopted by global companies and stores. A lifestyle once championed almost exclusively by the skate and hip-hop communities has grown mainstream appeal. The Super Strain’s streetwear and 420 lifestyle collection, at its core, focus on basic fashion and smoking accessories – always sold for a fair price.

All our products now available online!
Everything we do revolves around the customer—you are the heart of our company. With the success of our merchandise products in stores and third party retailers, we’ve opened our 2 online stores for the world to experience. So shop, and explore the world of Super Strains – but don’t forget to visit her big sister. @ I love Amnesia!



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