Amnesia regular

///Amnesia regular
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Amnesia regular

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Amnesia, since 1996 on the market, probably the most popular species in the world.

OLD School Sativa Genetics combined with an exceptional Indica, which is back to
Find in the short flowering time: only 10 weeks.
Of course 10 weeks is not fast for an Indica/Sativa strain.
However, when it is time to harvest, it gives the typical Amnesia aroma,

The weight of what she is wearing can only be evenly characterized by longer flowering, most
Sativa species. By this time it is baffling what is formed in this 10 wks…

Growing Amnesia is easy. She doesn’t wear a lot of leaf, is almost immune to spiders and
Mites and under the right conditions grown exceptionally heavy.

The taste is unique and not comparable to any other. Soft, liquid almost and very tasteful.
The effect is difficult to explain because the total is not within the lines, not with any other
Kind of anywhere similar…   The high is euphoric and feels endless.

In our opinion, the best available species!

Packaged per: 1 piece

Read the story behind the Amnesia

Additional information

Bloom type


Bloom Time

65-75 days








Big max. 300 cm

Harvest Month

October (late)


tot wel 600gr/m2


High 20-25%



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