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  • La Jefa

    From 12.00
    What's in a name? The genetics of LA JEFA have an overwhelming effect which could be described as clearly awake, bit stoned. She ia popular for this reason, since not many genetics carry these properties. Despite the Sativa characteristics these genetics lean towards Indica. Short, wide leafs, slow growing and fast flowering phases can be noticed for this reason. The indoor flowering period of approximately 65 day's, and harvest time early October outdoor makes her a fine Indica. IBIZA
  • Ibiza Farmers

    From 12.00
    A new strong strain IBIZA FARMER'S. which combines the best of 2 world's. With a relative short vegetative phase she grows like a Sativa, noticeable in the long stretch when flowering. This flowering phase starts slowly but eventually big sweet flowers are build in the numerous nodes. Outdoors and dry, not to cold, southern climate is preferred since harvest period is late October to late November. It's genetic variety with not too long, wide leafs which can be massively present.
  • Superstrains – The CBD Collection Have the entire collection of CBD strains from Super Strains, all feminised cannabis sativa seeds. With This collection we make it extra easy to try our different CBD strains. The CBD Collection consists or 3 different seeds:  1x EDEN 1x AGARTHA 1x SAGA
  • Cookies Krush

    From 12.00
    Dutch - Californian mix. Slow in the grow-fase, building round solid flowers with unbelievable speed which makes it possible to harvest in mid-september. Indoor she finishes blooming in 55 days. If maximum temperature does not exceed 22 degrees, she will be even faster. The delicious aroma and taste of Cookies is sweet and earthy. But it’s the strain’s high THC content that is the real “dessert.” is a connoisseur’s dream, a perfect choice as “after dinner strains” that you can enjoy. Cookies Krush maintains a fantastic flavour where she tickles your taste buds with the trademark Cookies aroma with a slight touch of mint.
  • Mexican Candy

    From 12.00
    Another variety with strong Mexican influences, one of Super Strains favourite strains to breed with. Despite of the strong influence of the Mexican, bloom time is only up to 65-70 days, considered short for a haze-like plant. As most sativa, her growth goes fast. If planted in June, she will reach a height of 3 meters easily. She will deliver a lot of flowers with a weight of approx. 500 gr.m2. Her smell is sharp fruity with a typical flowery Mexican undertone. Especially fresh flowers carry this odour. When dry, the smell gets a little darker and less sharp. The smoke is thick and heavy with a herbal smell.
  • Enemy’s Dream

    From 10.00
    The rich flavour of Diesel is an obvious quality for this variety. Crossed with Enemy of the State, the characteristics shows an unique aroma with a mixture of flowery, musky odours. The Diesel like effect is strong and lasting, with a buzzy feeling in the body. Medical users will experience the calming effect of this strain, almost immediately after using. Her fast blooming, strong genetics make it a good choice for growing outdoors, harvest in late September.
  • Eden

    From 14.00
    A new CBD strain with a high percentage of CBD. Finds most of its origin in Switzerland, mixed with Dutch indica genetics. People with various pain find relief with this variety used as infusion. In this form the effect comes in later having a longer duration. Very effective for the night. Blooming time indoors lasts up to 60 days. Harvest outdoors late September, beginning of October. This variety is not a fast grower, so it is advisable to plant the seeds early June when grows outdoors. She has a pleasant darkish odour with mint like back tones which come forward a bit in dry flowers.
  • Hermana de la Noche

    From 10.00
    The new kid had arrived in town! Hermana de la Noche needs to be grown in a stable environment with lots of care in order to thrive, making indoor cultivation favorable. This massive plant, when grown outside, will produce a yield up to 650 gr/m2. The strong cerebral high will let you appreciate the beauty around you and discuss matters with friends long into the night. It is almost indescribable and must be experienced to really appreciate it. Great for quiet relaxation and assessment of the world around you, helping to inspire thought provoking creativity. It also is a great relief for those sleepless nights.
  • Saga

    From 12.00

    Saga is a new CBD strain which contains very little amounts of THC, under 1%. This means it doesn’t make you high, no psychoactive effect at all. It is preferred by medicinal users that have an active working life and can dose CBD at any time of the day without any psychoactive effect. with an awesome sativa flavor that makes smoking a sensuous experience. Up to 21% of therapeutically valuable CBD makes the strain a good choice if you need help treating depression, eating disorders, ADHD, and many other health conditions.

  • Crackers

    From 12.00
    A new hybrid from the Amnesia related gen-pool. She is a crossing between Amnesia and NL5xHaze. Sativa characteristics are noticeble while growing, this pla nt stretches towards the light quickly, gradually building flowers for almost 11 weeks. It will deliver a very productive harvest. A great cannabis strain we have been waiting to introduce in our catalogue. She gives you that balanced and relaxing effect that is perfect for social anxiety. Crackers has a smooth, earthy, spicy and musky taste. She is perfect for indoor or outdoor growing and can reach a maximum heigth of around 300 cm. It is so strong, it will crack your head up!
  • Agartha

    From 11.00
    The Agartha strain is the result of a breeding program looking to get a Haze plant with high CBD levels. It grows bushy with strong branches to support the buds. Flowers tend to be big and fluffy with an average yield of around 450g/m2. Assistance in stress relief and a feeling of calm and serenity are just some of the benefits that CBD users are looking for. The taste is a classic Haze flavor with a combination of cedar wood spice, citrus sweet and a touch of musk. CBD enthusiasts will be well versed in the magical capabilities of this powerful cannabinoid.
  • Next of Kin

    From 12.00
    Next of Kin s a high yielding sativa dominant strain that will not fail to impress. If you are looking for a lady of finer class and breed then Next of Kin will not disappoint. Next of Kin by Super Strains is a powerful strain that offers a lot for your time and effort. More suited to the connoisseur grower, Next of Kin will demand quite a bit of attention and patience as she grows, but once she blooms she will reward your devotion with untold delight. This sativa dominant strain has classic smells and tastes, fresh and hazy. It will induce a clear and focusing cerebral high that lasts. Next of Kin is perfect for those situations when you need to let loose the creativity within, or drown out the distractions around you and focus on the matters at hand. These great qualities make it a very versatile high that can be equally enjoyed out and about, taking in the worlds beauty, or when you want to relax and contemplate life. Its refined qualities make it a great and enjoyable smoke for all levels of smoker, from the green novice to the grizzled veteran; just make sure you are aware of what you are getting into as it can be quite strong! As mentioned, Next of Kin is quite a slow grower. However, when you consider this strain is a sativa dominant haze the grow times are quite reasonable. You can expect growing times of roughly 11 weeks for optimal yields – and these yields are bountiful. She is better suited to the connoisseur cultivators and the more patient amongst you; but as with any fine lady, if you put in the dedication and time you will be rewarded ten-fold. Next of Kin is more suited to indoor and greenhouse cultivation unless you are lucky enough to live in a warm, southern climate. Plant heights can reach up to 2.5m when grown outdoors. You can expect a yield in excess of 650g/m2 for your time and efforts – making the whole endeavor well worth it.
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