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Building on our success and raising the Stakes 

Of course you’ve heard of Amnesia. You should know of Amnesia Haze, too. Well, it was Super Strains’tireless efforts to combine optimal potency, cultivation ease, flavor, effect and resilience which brought about this outstanding strain - a veritable legend, recommended at every coffeeshop and with no equal in appeal (or so many agree). In fact, Amnesia Haze is so famed, so unrivalled even to this day, that it is still one of the most potent and generous yielders on the market. When their combination of crossing and breeding techniques met with feminized seeds and Super Strains released this perennial favorite, it’s easy to see how they secured their leading status as one of the finest seed banks in the world. 

OUR world famous and original amnesia strain

The Original Amnesia

If you can splash the cash for a world exclusive homegrow - we here to assist you in any way possible - but more realistically focussed on professional growers looking to boost their inventory. The taste is unique and not comparable to any other. Soft, liquid almost and the high is euphoric and feels endless. In our opinion, the best available species!