Sativa Collection – Feminized


Looking to add amazing sativa flavors to your greenery?

Some of you may still wonder – what are collection packs? Instead of purchasing seeds packs of a single cannabis strain, collection packs contain a variety of similar, but different strains. When you want to mix things up in the garden, mixed variety packs are the way to go. Aside from the sheer diversity that our collection packs contain, they also provide outstanding value for money. Whatever your ‘flavor,’ the seed combinations in our collection have something for all. If you like your marijuana plants big, the Sativa collection pack will not disappoint. These tall sativa dominant hybrids are also surprisingly easy-to-grow. As long as you provide plenty of space and light, you’ll be rewarded with a good blend of flavors. Super Strains sativa collection is star-studded and built-to-impress, so you can rest assured that each harvest will be loaded with fast-flowering genetics that produces nothing but results.

The Sativa Collection contains 3 feminized sativa seeds: