Advantages of feminized seeds

A true Genetic Copy that is guaranteed female and arrives by mail. 

Cultivation of cannabis has become immensely popular in recent years, particularly amongst the home growers. While there are different types of seeds for you to choose from, the most popular one is the feminized variety. Feminized seeds are specially bred cannabis seeds where the male chromosomes are eliminated to produce only female plants. It is not true that the plant should be considered to be genetically modified, as the seeds remain completely natural because they are produced naturally via pollination. 

Feminised seeds are created by self pollination of a reversed female plant. As a result, the chromosomes of the S1 lineage (feminised form) will produce an exact genetic match of the parental line. Pheno hunting is still possible with feminised seeds, for those who are looking for the best characteristics and mostly desired traits of that cultivar. Regular seeds will throw out more mixed traits that can be worked on as a breeder, however for preserving a genetic match of a regular sexed predecessor, feminised seeds work incredibly well.

The debate on which type of Cannabis seeds to work with is never ending, with many saying regular and many arguing feminised. Granted that both serve a different purpose depending on who the end grower is, so below is better explained all of the advantages of growing with feminised seeds incomparron to using regulars.

Maximum Efficiency With Grow Space

The best thing about feminized seeds and what revolutionized indoor growing ever since, is the fact that grow space could be used to 100% spacing efficiency. Regular seeds require a sexing period where the grower will decide if they want to use the male or female plants. Generally speaking, most gardeners will grow to produce flowers over seeds and feminized seeds offer growers the best tool for the job. Feminised plants will grow uniformly, ensuring that your growing system can be utilized with an optimal plant count and spacing.

Easier Plant Training Early On

When working with regular seeds, growers can often be reluctant to train plants up as they normally would, in case the plant is male and not what they are looking for. With feminised seeds it is possible to apply all types of plant training to enhance the overall canopy and total harvest. There are also no feelings of wasted time, nutrients and labour when using feminised seeds, meaning there will be no point once flowering has begun, where a percentage of your garden needs to be removed due to male plants. Using a Sea of Green formation with feminised seeds can produce excellent results. Some varieties of Cannabis work better than others for Sea of Green, so make sure you research which strains are better suited for your requirements. 

No Need To Sex Plants

Beginner growers can often become filled with panic and anxiety, at the idea of a male plant being in the grow room. The thought of a pollinated crop is enough to stop their dream grow in its tracks, and the idea of patiently waiting to identify preflowers during the transition stage window sounds like an arduous task. Sexing plants is simple enough, yet feminised seeds eliminate that concern and allow a grower to relax and be away from their garden with little maintenance, without the threat of an unseen male.

The World Of Choice

The marketplace for feminised cannabis has grown over the years and contains an unbelievable choice of feminised seeds to choose from. Nowadays it is possible to have feminised seeds sent to your house, with a choice of autoflowering, CBD dominant or standard photoperiod varieties. Although regular seeds are becoming more popular amongst growers who are heavy into pheno hunting and breeding, 9 out of 10 growers will choose to happily work with feminised seeds.

Clones May Not Be Reliable

One way to look at the benefit of feminised seeds is, how they can fill the space of clones. It may be that your clones have become contaminated, or infested with spider mites. Perhaps it is not as logistically easy to source reliable clones where you live, as opposed to having seeds discreetly arrive in the mail. If your objection is to find a keeper that can be cloned, then feminized seeds will again make this job simple and straightforward. 

A Short List Of All The Benefits

*There is no need to sex the plants and separate male from female.
*Every plant will be female allowing space to be fully utilised.
*The variety of feminised seeds outweigh that of regular cultivars.
*Feminised seeds are as effective as clones for an all female plant count
*Autoflowering, CBD and photoperiod strains all come as feminised seeds
*Plants from female seeds will grow uniform and provide you the best quality
*Plant training can be performed without wasting time on potential males.