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Super Strains is renowned for its top-quality CBD strains. We have over thirty years of experience in selecting premium quality CBD seeds for our product portfolio. In addition, our world-exclusive CBD seeds are lab-tested to ensure quality genetics, accurate information, and viability.

High-CBD Cannabis Seeds

We offer a quality selection of high CBD cannabis seeds. The CBD-rich strains have very low THC content, which means they have no psychedelic effect. These seeds contain at least 14% CBD and are perfect for making medical oils, topical balms, etc. The high CBD seeds we offer will produce CBD levels between 14-22 percent, whereas the THC content of the seeds will vary between 0.2-2 percent.

The best high CBD strain seeds offer many therapeutic properties. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-anxiety properties. However, though it has an illuminating effect, it has non-psychoactive properties. Therefore, the consumer does not have to deal with euphoric high and remains clear-headed and functional.

CBD Collection

The strains in our CBD collection have well-earned their premium status. All three strains are widely in use. The qualities our best CBD seeds offer are valued by both commercial cultivators and home growers alike. The CBD content of all the strain seeds in the collection pack is higher than 14 percent, and the THC content of seeds varies between 0.2 percent to 2 percent.

Super Strains CBD Collection Pack contains three feminized CBD Seeds.

Eden CBD Seeds

Eden CBD is the flagship strain in the Super Strains CBD portfolio. It is the favorite of CBD cultivators and medical cannabis growers and contains a CBD of about 14 percent and a THC of 0.2 percent.

Agartha CBD Seeds

Agartha CBD seeds in the Super Strains collection pack are famous for their "entourage effects". It is a Sativa dominant hybrid. It contains 20% CBD and 0.9% THC. Therefore, it is ideal for those seeking therapeutic qualities.

Saga CBD Seeds

Saga CBD seeds from Super Strains have a high CBD content and contain around 15% CBD and 5% THC. Best CBD seeds have been legalized for both recreational and medical purposes in many countries. It has gained popularity because of its non-psychoactive and therapeutic effects. Shop our Best high CBD strain seeds now.