Agartha – CBD

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Tailored for growers focusing on the entourage effect

Agartha, named after the mythological city at the center of Earth and our original starting point for the Super Strain CBD portfolio. The Agartha strain is the result of a breeding program looking to expand our company’s CBD genetics and this first strain hit the mark right from the start. Agartha is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a 8:1 THC:CBD ratio, making it ideal for those seeking the plant’s therapeutic properties and not the strong high customarily associated with the many potent strains from Super Strains. The plant’s therapeutic properties range from helping with insomnia to stimulating appetite. The strain is also known for calming the mind and inducing feelings of relaxation. The CBD-enriched buds are also ideal for making high-quality concentrates. Her taste offers classic flavors with a combination of cedar wood spice, citrus sweet and a touch of musk.

Agartha – CBD
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