The Legend of the Original Amnesia Strain

It must have been Jan ’97 or ’96, since the first toke was an outdoor! 

Planted in April she grew firmly, fresh and green. Spring was fantastic for being a plant. Sometimes the water that comes down can be a little much so she was planted with this in mind – on a small hill. When summer came she was ready for it. A meter tall. A meter wide. Yeah, she had done good. (They all did that year, by the way). 

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The universe lined up provide a perfect Dutch summer 

A Dutch summer can occassionally be just-right, with very pleasant temperatures during the day, not too cold at night. Until the end of September, the whole process goes more or less automatically. When watered enough, with a little nutrient of course 😉 and an eye out for bugs; it is often a pretty safe ride. 

From October on, you need a bit of luck with the weather. Rain and wind can really put a lot of pressure on growers in the fall. November is late for a Dutch outdoor… Indoor wasn’t really an option; too complicated to perform such a feat, in such a size and variety. Nope, we were going outdoor. I knew the risk and decided to take it. 

Some of her sisters are still going, wow, it is late November. Her stem is green/yellow, woody and the leaves lost freshness. She wants a manicure. The remarkable abscence of leaves on the buds make this another pleasant discovery.  We are now 4 weeks before testing, yihah!

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She called my name and we have never looked back 

Several varieties were smoked since the last week and there was quite some excitement over her weight, looks ‘n taste. Yeah – this cross has potential! I honestly don’t know why, but ever since I saw her grow, she had my attention. She wanted to be smoked that particular evening – everything had led up to this moment. The buds cannot be crumbled which increases the excitement. The resin left on the fingers could easilly fill another joint and I must wash my hands before I can roll the paper… What is this?

I lean back, light the joint until its end is a nice equal glowing ball. I take a good toke and concentrate on what happens. The taste is fantastic and goes through the throat almost like drinking. There is a pleasant tickling in the nose. Doesn’t bother the lungs at all and feels a bit ‘heavy’ maybe.  When blown out, the nose catches a great musky taste. 3 second have past when, whhooaa.

A roller-coaster like excitement overcomes my mind, but clearly. All my surroundings stay the same, but i now interprete them totally differently. The high is unlike anything I have ever experienced. And in a very humorous way because in an instant I saw the summer process that led to this high and I realized her full potential. 

The experience and interaction has be a priviledge on a personal level

Yes, she likes to grow. Yes, she is strong and will reward you plenty when nursed as she needs. Yes this was a rewarding job. But this high I am feeling keeps on going. I laughed out loud and to be honest, I had tears in my eyes. I knew it. There is a new kid in town. She will conquer the world. 

A true spiritual and personal revelation – I had the honor to help her a little, to multiply her a little and put her in the right place for the right people to enjoy. Her reputation will be known, which will attract new generations of growers with other ambitions and she will slowly become a saga – a myth. Her true background will be claimed, discussed …. perhaps even lost. 

But first I had to name her, so I did. Amnesia. It has been a long journey from breeding to being able to share her and her sisters with everybody. The time has come. As said, she has sisters, many. Try us and find out where myths are born. 

The original Amnesia

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