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Looking for creme de la creme? Want to grow the award-winning Cannabis Cups winning strains. Cannabis Cup winners are strains that have been certified by experts as excellent smoke. Many of the seeds offered by Super Strains have won Cannabis Cups. These strains are famous and world-exclusive.

We have also won Highlife Cup in 1995 and in 2019, and a dozen times in between. The original Amnesia by Super Strains is the most famous and the cornerstone of our seed collection that has been decorated in almost every High Life Cup.

Enemy of the State and Next of Kin are our other potent and famous strains that have won many awards. Enemy of the State is an award-winning Indica strain, while Next of Kin is a well-known and award-winning Sativa strain in our collection.

Our strains have passed the test of time and remain every seasoned grower and cannabis connoisseur's preferred choice to date. Our prize-winning marijuana strains are proof that our hemp seeds have quality genetics.

Here's more about our Cannabis Cup Winner strains:

The Original Amnesia

We are the proud inventors of the world-famous Amnesia strain known for its stimulating effect and one-of-a-kind flavor. It is a crossing between Nevil's haze with an Afghan. It is a combination of the best of Sativa flavors with Indica aromas and creates a dense smoke. It is potent, flowers in record time and gives high yields. Amnesia is intense, intoxicating and highly psychedelic.

Enemy of the State

Enemy of the State is also the proud mother of world-renowned Amnesia strain. It is a powerful Indica strain with a high THC level and large resin yield. This Cannabis Cup Winner produces dense smoke, offers a relaxing and pleasing effect and provides consumers with a sweet flavor and musky undertones in the aftertaste.

Next of Kin

This award-winning strain is a high-yielding Sativa dominant strain. It is the daughter of the famous Amnesia strain. It gives a mentally stimulating effect and has a beautiful palette of flavors. It has a high THC level and offers a long-lasting high.

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