Enemy of the State – Feminized

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Proud mother of the world famous Amnesia Strain

Enemy of the State is an old-school indica packed with incredibly rich flavors. This famous indica genetics originated in Afghanistan and can be found in many of Super Strain’s crosses. In fact – she is one of the base plants for the legendary Amnesia strain. Her superior indica genetics have made her an outstanding choice for breeders and she adds a considerable CBD content to any blend. With fast flowering times, high resistance to pests and generous yields – this strain is a must have for anyone wanting to grow a reliable indica strain. Her buds produce a heavy, room filling smoke and smells distinctively spicy with a sharp undertone. The smoke tastes musky with hints of fruitiness at the end of the draw. This strain offers a great opportunity to sample a bit of cannabis history – with results that will have you wanting more. The flowering time for this strain takes place across a period of only 50-55 days.

Enemy of the State – Feminized
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