La Jefa – Feminized

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A newcomer that is set to make her own history. 

La Jefa by Super Strains unites the best of two ancient cannabis lineages, which without the inference of humans would have struggled to meet on their own, as their geographic origins are separated by 15.000km and a pacific ocean. What’s in the name? A Mexican and an Afghan strain are fused together in this spectacular Sativa/Indica hybrid – which comes with a powerful, cerebral effect that will make history. No wonder she’s called La Jefa (The Boss). This marijuana plant has a balanced phenotype, a 50/50 sativa and Indica mix, yet her structure is much more reminiscent of an Indica plant. La Jefa develops into a plant that reaches a maximum height of 180 cm and she has lots of branches and carries an abundance of buds.  Her growth phase is a little long, but she flowers quickly. The flowering time is only 65 days for indoor crops providing you with harvests of 500/600 gram per m2.

La Jefa – Feminized
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