La Cucaracha – Feminized

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The perfect strain for a wide variety of growers

La Cucaracha strain can best be described as complete. It provides high yields, flowers fast and it’s rather easy to take care of. La Cucaracha by Super Strains is an indica dominant strain with roots in Afghanistan. She is very forgiving which makes her a favored choice of the novice growers. That is not to say that commercial or veteran growers should not consider this fine strain for their collection. La Cucaracha by Super Strains is suitable for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse growth. Plant heights can vary between 1-1.5m and you can expect a very generous yield for your time and effort. Its sweet and spicy aromas are typical of predominantly indica hybrids. The smoke is musky, and offers a pallet of earthy undertones. It produces a soft rush perfect for relieving stress and pain, without preventing you from performing your daily tasks.